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Unscrapp - FAQs

  1. What is the service coverage area of Unscrapp?

    As of now, we are working to full potential in and around Chennai city, soon we will expand our wings in other towns and cities.

  2. What modes of transactions are available for getting the value for scrap collected?

    For a seamless secured transaction experience, we recommend using online transaction mechanisms like Internet banking, UPI applications, etc.

  3. How the price of scrap is explored and is it static or dynamic?

    As we handle a wide variety of scraps, price depends on the type of scrap. The price of a few grades of scrap is dynamic based on market conditions. Hence price list in Unscrapp is updated on daily basis. Each time before placing the order we request you to go through the price list to get a better estimate.

  4. How can I reach the Unscrapp team for any issue, is there any contact number or email to reach Unscrapp?

    We are happy to serve your inquiries, you can write to us at teamunscrapp@unscrapp.com or dial us at +91 7358380808.

  5. Can I track the status of scrap pick up an order?

    Absolutely. Once you place an order, you will get a Unique tracking number where you can get the current status of your order. You can track your order here.

  6. In case of a business entity will the invoice include a GST number?

    Yes. We do provide an Invoice with GST details.

  7. How will you weigh the scrap collected, will it be weighed on the pickup site or in the warehouse?

    Our scrap pickup vehicles are provisioned with a standard weighing scale hence we will weigh the scrap on the pickup site itself. If in case of heavily weighed industrial scrap we will get it weighed in a warehouse facility after getting consent from the customer.

  8. How will you sort the scrap, should the customer sort it or Unscrapp executive will sort the scrap?

    As we offer rates for scrap based on its type and grades, we recommend our customers to sort it so that the pickup happens smooth and quick. Incase small quantity of unsorted scrap, we do have separate pricing for that too. Anyway, our Unscrapp executive will be kind enough in helping you out during the scrap pickup.

  9. How Unscrapp is managing hygiene and safety in picking up scrap during COVID times?

    At Unscrapp we understand the importance of maintaining hygiene in our day to day business, we do regular temperature checks for our field executives, We provision hygiene kits in all our vehicles which includes sanitizer sprays to be used in each pickup.